Extra Brush Head

Extra Brush Head

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Our Brush Head compatible for DentaBrush

What Does Our Brush Head Do?

This electronic, vibrating brush head is easy-to-clean and flexible enough for all adults and children ages 5+. When attached to an DentaBrush capsule, it's the perfect tool to assist in hands-free, dental-grade cleaning. Made of antibacterial silicone, it cleans 99.98% of germs without harboring them or scratching teeth and gums like traditional nylon bristles. Toothpaste can simply be applied directly to the brush head from one end to the other, then let your DentaBrush handle the rest! 


  • Flexible: Fits all adults and children ages 5+.
  • Accurate: Bristles encompass all teeth from the front to the far back; wrap around all sides of each tooth; and are long enough to reach and clean gums!
  • Powerful: Electronically vibrates on all surface spots from every angle to clean all surface spots simultaneously.
  • Antibacterial: Easy to clean and maintain clean to avoid the harbor of germs.
  • Silicone Bristles: Soft enough to avoid scratching teeth and gums for long-term damage, yet strong enough to remove 99.98% of germs.
  • Durable: Replace every 3 months for best oral care.