DentaBrush Replenish Pack

DentaBrush Replenish Pack

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Everything you need to get the most out of your DentaBrush for up to 6 months!  The DentaBrush Replenish Pack includes a professional foam toothpaste, tongue scraper, and two brush heads to keep your mouth healthy.

    Brush Heads

    This electronic, vibrating brush head is easy-to-clean and flexible enough to fit all adults and children ages 5+. When attached to an DentaBrush capsule, it's the perfect tool to assist in hands-free, dental-grade cleaning. Made of antibacterial silicone, it cleans 99.98% of germs without harboring them or scratching teeth/gums in the process like traditional nylon bristles! Toothpaste can simply be applied directly to the brush head from one end to the other, then let your DentaBrush handle the rest! 

    Professional Foam Toothpaste

    • One-step dual action cleaning + whitening microfoam.
    • Neutralizes harmful acids before they damage teeth.
    • Penetrates between teeth and along the gum line for a deep clean.
    • Removes more carcinogenic plaque in hard to reach places than regular toothpaste due to its superior density.
    • Fights & resists the contamination of processed foods.
    • This foam can be used on its own as a mouthwash or as a perfect compliment to the DentaBrush as a toothpaste.

    Over 10,000 delighted DentaBrush fans have invested in replenishing their toothpaste and brush heads.