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DentaBrush for Kids - pink

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Welcome to DentaBrush for Kids!



Getting your kids to brush their teeth shouldn't be a hassle. DentaBrush for Kids will take the chore out of brushing - and add the fun! With adorable, friendly-faced battery capsules and lively music to get them dancing through their session, your kids won't have to put a pause on play time to maintain a picture-perfect smile!

What is DentaBrush for Kids?

DentaBrush for Kids is a fun, automatic electric oral kit your child can use for an effective yet convenient way of brightening their smile. How? DentaBrush is designed to brush all teeth at once, with bristles that cater to your child's smile so every spot is covered. This means faster brushing time, and bristles that are powerful and effective, removing 99.8% of bacteria - all accompanied with an adorable jungle animal friend! Got braces?! No problem! Our brushes are compatible.

What do dentists say about automatic dental care for kids?

They endorse it wholeheartedly!  There are a few things they recommend you consider when planning proper dental care for your children that the DentaBrush for Kids innovation took into account.

  • Kids can be frightened by an electric toothbrush.
  • Kids look to their parents for guidance.
  • Some children breathe primarily through their mouth.
  • Kids won’t need toothpaste until they are at least 5 years old.
  • Children don’t understand the importance of brushing.
  • A child can start an automatic dental routine as early as age 2.
  • Most children are ready for an automatic dental routine when they ask for it.
  • Typically, parents are usually willing to buy a higher quality toothbrush for themselves than for their children, but that is the wrong approach.

We are so proud to introduce DentaBrush for Kids

  • Compatible with braces
  • Rechargeable
  • Fits your child's mouth perfectly and cleans each tooth simultaneously
  • Soft, high-quality bristles
  • Large area to grip, so it’s easy for kids to hold and use
  • Effective at removing plaque and preventing cavities
  • The grown-up version is available for easy adoption
  • Fast brush time for impatient children
  • Gentle vibrations prevent harm to sensitive kiddo gums
  • No need for toothpaste unless your child requests it