Meet DentaBrush

The Revolutionary Toothbrush That Cleans Your Teeth In Just 30 Seconds

  • Ultrasound technology

  • 360 degree cleaning

  • 30 seconds to clean

  • Teeth Whitening

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90% of all dental and gum diseases are simply caused by incorrect tooth brushing.

Every person sometimes misses brushing their teeth in the evening because of fatigue or lack of time.

We spend 108 days of our life brushing our teeth.

Be honest - do you like to brush your teeth? Especially in the evening, when you are tired and just want to sleep? We have good news for you: you can now brush your teeth in just 30 seconds ... without using your hands. With an ultrasonic toothbrush, just set the toothpaste, press a button and wait 30 seconds.

The Dentabrush toothbrush cleans all your teeth at once, and a short cleaning time lets you sleep a little more.  

How does it work

Apply a thin layer of toothpaste on both sides of the toothbrush.

Insert brush head in mouth, press power button, and allow the toothbrush to do all the cleaning for you for the next 30 seconds.

Rinse the toothpaste with water. Simple!

Antibacterial Material

The flexible mouthpiece has built-in micro-channels that transport the toothpaste to your teeth. The mouthpiece is made of antibacterial silicone that kills 99.99% of all bacteria and features 3D-arranged bristles on both sides to clean your teeth. It’s soft enough to prevent gum damage but strong enough to clean your teeth precisely. It can be cleansed by normal rinsing, as you would do it with regular toothbrushes.

Brushing Technique

The bristles are directed in a 45° angle against your gingival cuff. This simulates the Bass method, which is recommended by dentists and experts. The bristles are comparable to soft-bristled toothbrushes. This ensures the most comfortable, safest toothbrushing and makes gum-damage impossible. We work closely with dentists and dental universities to address two concerns: clean teeth and no gum damage.

Single Size

We analyzed over 2,000 different jaws from adult females and males. The small difference between both genders is smoothed out by the flexible material of the mouthpiece. The used material has the characteristic to fit every jaw with no abnormal teeth displacements.

Our Products

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A few facts ...


With DentaBrush you save more than 100 days of your life, which you can spend in something more fun than brushing your teeth.


DentaBrush uses innovative ultrasound technology, which is preferred and recommended by dentists.


DentaBrush is completely waterproof and works flawlessly even when you have dentures.


DentaBrush is the brush of the future.

Collection for the youngest

... and your children, do they like to brush their teeth?

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Still Undecided? See What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

Amazing product! I have a very sensitive gum and it bleeds easily with my old toothbrush. But not with DentaBrush. It has soft bristles and gentle vibration. This is the best solution to my gum problem.

This toothbrush is great! I love it. My teeth feel so much cleaner after I brush. Simple to use but gets the job done. Id definitely recommend this to anyone.

LOVE this brush. cleans amazingly, the whitening kits and stuff work great with it so i feel like this brush is an investment into my whole routine, not just one part. 

Glad I purchased this, I get so many compliments on my teeth and smile. I purchased the dentabrush with the whitening kit and its worth it. I tried the crest white strips at walmart for years and the dentabrush is way better.

It was a struggle to get my kids to brush their teeth. Now my kids love to brush their teeth. The dentabrush helps prevent cavities and gets all those hard to reach areas to prevent plaque build up.

I went from telling my kids to brush their teeth every day to now telling them to stop brushing their teeth so much!! .