Meet DentaBrush

The Revolutionary Toothbrush That Cleans Your Teeth In Just 30 Seconds

Brushing your teeth the easy way.

WHY DO I NEED dentabrush?

30 Seconds to Clean

Get clean teeth lightning-fast by giving all your teeth attention at once

Your Healthiest Smile

Ultrasonic vibrations help get rid of 99.8% of bacteria and breaks apart plaque

Teeth Whitening Light

Dental-grade blue light whitens while you brush

Why use DentaBrush over a traditional toothbrush?

Traditional, manual and electric toothbrushes clean only as well as your brushing technique and discipline are. And even with good technique, there are always regions you cannot reach, because of the geometry of your manual/electric toothbrush and bristles. Because all teeth are cleaned simultaneously with DentaBrush, you can brush every possible surface spot for just 30 seconds. Fast, we know! On top of that, nylon bristles on traditional toothbrushes can scratch teeth and gums, damaging them over time, and are harder to clean afterwards, making them a safe haven for germs to accumulate. The silicone bristles on DentaBrush are not only effective in cleaning power, but are safe on teeth and gums, and are easy to maintain clean!

How do I use my DentaBrush?

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